2008 г. 50 гривен Ласточкино Гнездо

Цена: 644.76 $
Чистый вес, грам:15.55
The coin is dedicated to the Swallow's Nest, one of the most picturesque places to visit on the Southern coast of the Crimea
The Swallow's Nest is one of the most famous tourist attractions and beloved places to visit on the Crimea's Southern coastline that is located near the remains of the Roman castrum of Charax. Now it looks like a medieval castle that is perched high on a 40-metre high Aurora Cliff over the Black Sea at Gaspra, a small settlement between Yalta and Alupka. The history of this architectural and historical monument is quite romantic. Once, a wounded general came for treatment to the Crimea. For heroism in the Crimean war the Russian Empire awarded him a land plot by the sea. On the high cliff of the Ai-Todor Cape the warrior built a small wooden house because he was looking for solitude, romanticism and peace. Unfortunately, the names of the owner and architect of the original summer house over the abyss are unknown. But it is said that the general called that residence “The Castle of Love”. It can be seen on the pictures by Aivazovskii, Boholiubov, Lagorio and photos of that time. Later the solitary retreat passed on to court doctor A. Tobin, then to the wife of a Moscow businessman, Mrs. Rakhmanova. She pulled down the old building and built a more eminent one which she renamed “The Swallow’s Nest”. In 1911 the new owner of the plot, the oil magnate baron whose name was von Steingel, decided to build a romantic fairytale castle. He asked Sherwood, a famous architect to construct it and the building was completed in 1912. The baron was captivated by this architectural masterpiece, though, in 1914 the castle found a new owner. The Moscow businessman Shelaputin bought it and opened a restaurant there. The building has only two floors and is ringed with the observation deck, providing a picturesque view of the sea and nearby places. The castle was surrounded by a garden. In 1927 the Swallow's Nest survived a serious earthquake and the part of the rock where trees were planted fell into the sea. Though the palace itself was not seriously damaged, it was necessary to save it from sliding into the abyss. Repairs were performed only forty years later (in 1967-68) by employees of a construction company from Yalta. The balustrade that hung over the sea received its monolithic console concrete plate to strengthen the cliff. Then the castle became a restaurant again. Now numerous tourists can observe the fairytale-looking architectural monument and buy souvenirs near it. On the obverse of the commemorative coin of Ukraine there is a depiction of a sew mew flying over sea waves. On the reverse of the coin the Swallow’s nest is pictured. The authors of design and engravers are: Volodymyr Taran, Oleksandr and Serhii Kharuk, Borys Hrudenko, Anatolii Demianenko and Volodymyr Atamanchuk